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When it comes to streamlining your entire communications infrastructure or securing your facility, there are many items you need to consider. One benefit of turning to GLESSNER Alarm & Communications is that we can handle all of your concerns by integrating systems that are customized for your business. Whether you need telephones, voicemail, data cabling, security/ fire detection, CCTV, video or access control, we have the products you need to help control your business. Now you don't have to worry about dealing with different companies and educating your personnel on the operation of a variety of systems and who to deal with for various types of services. Save time and money and reduce your worries by working with one company that can do it all. What used to take multiple vendors and a variety of confusing service contracts, can now be handled entirely by Glessner Alarm & Communications.

Telephone / Voice Mail Systems
Remember, there are 10 things you need to do before purchasing a new telephone system.

First call GLESSNER Alarm & Communications, we will take care of the other 9!

IT Solutions / Wide Area Voice / Data Networks

Remote Office

Today more than ever, business professionals are not only located in the corporate office, but they also work remotely in home or branch offices.  Staying connected can be difficult as most remote workers don't have access to their corporate communications system.

Now, remote workers can stay seamlessly connected with our Remote Office Solution. With our Remote Office, employees have full access to corporate communications via an IP or dial-up connection. Incoming calls to the corporate office can be seamlessly routed to any remote office worker, instantly. Now businesses can stay connected while cutting long distance and separate office equipment costs, with one simple solution.

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IT support for “All” types of Businesses

The easy, affordable solution for maintaining your IT systems, Glessner IT Support services provide clients with award winning remote management and monitoring (RMM) tool with antivirus and backup software that’s built specifically for small business just like you.

Glessner IT Support Services allow companies to have their servers and workstations managed and monitored, receive remote support, asset/inventory tracking, patch management and client reporting with integrated managed antivirus and backup solutions, and a host of additional services.


The Glessner IT Support software offers a comprehensive range of benefits that help our partners to scale their business and attract new customers by enabling them to deliver high-value, lucrative and proactive services – whether you’re working with a break/fix model, prepaid support plan, or a hybrid option

Automated Monitoring

Easily and effectively monitor and manage the health of the most critical business systems – server and workstations. Glessner IT support monitoring tools help you avoid the risks of expensive remedial action and reputational damage through proactive monitoring of server and workstation security, hardware and disk performance, applications and software.

Asset Tracking

With Glessner IT Support Services IT Asset & Inventory management tools we can perform automatic scans of your networks. Fully integrated with your Glessner IT Support Services Dashboard, we’ll have the ability to provide detailed information about your software and hardware assets from one single interface – wherever you are.

Alerting & Viewing

Glessner IT Support’s Alerting and Viewing options help you stay on top of your network around the clock, in a way that suits you best. Get alerted to issues with instant email and SMS notifications.

Managed Antivirus

Glessner IT Support Services Antivirus lets us deploy, monitor, manage, report, and automatically fix virus threats by quickly and easily deploying an antivirus agent on servers and workstations.  Receive alerts and reduce your workload with remedial action.

Remote Access

Glessner IT Support Services’ Take Control’ feature allows remote support for servers and workstations. Accessed through our control panel, we can perform both attended and unattendedwork on servers and workstations.

Managed Backups

Peace of mind with secure backups of important data, which will be easy to recover in the event of a failure.

Mail Protection

Glessner Mail Protection provides and unique combination of technologies to defend against email borne threats, including antivirus defense, virtualization-based malware detection technology, and traditional signature-based antivirus engines – together resulting in unmatched malware defence and spam protection.

Easy and Affordable

With straight forward per–user –per month investment structure, no startup costs and minimal training requirements, it’s not surprising that many of our customers utilize these services. Pricing models can be tailored to your needs. Annual subscriptions, per month billing, prepaid plans with discounts available, or break/fix/pay as you go models as well. No one else offers your this flexibility!

UL Fire Systems

Fire is one disaster that could put you right out of business. Our fire detection systems allow for affordable and reliable protection that complies to stringent fire codes. Our UL approved manual pull stations allow for the manual activation of the system. Our supervised smoke detectors give you additional protection. To prevent water damage, use our waterflow supervisory systems. They report to the central station whenever water begins to flow through a sprinkler. This allows you to minimize the effects of water damage that can be even more expensive than fixing the fire damage.

  • Manual Alarm Stations
  • Automatic Fire Alarm Systems
  • Waterflow Systems
  • Products Comply to Stringent Fire Codes

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    Video Surveillance

    CCTV and Video

    In this technological era we live in, we can use some of the advances to help you protect your business from shoplifting as well as employee theft. We all like to think that our employees are trustworthy, but the US Chamber of Commerce estimates that about 30% of all business failures are traced directly to employee theft.

    Make the Investment to Protect your Investment:

    When it comes to video, there are a variety of options. Our dealers can design a system with specifications from one to 100 CCTV cameras. We offer PC-based CCTV systems to remote video transmission systems. For smaller businesses, there is also the option of affordable observation systems. Your First Alert Professional dealer will discuss your specific needs to determine the system that is right for you.

    Specifications from one to 100 CCTV cameras

  • PC-based CCTV systems
  • Remote video transmission systems
  • Observation systems for affordable protection

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    Card Access Systems

    Who is in your business on a daily basis? To increase protection of your personnel and property, consider an access control system. We have software-based systems that can take advantage of your existing computer hardware. A dedicated PC is not required. It can be integrated with your security system to maintain a tighter control over your facility. Your employees will also feel safer, knowing that they are protected from uninvited characters. A safer employee is a more productive worker.

  • Full-function Access Control
  • Software Based
  • Dedicated PC NOT Required
  • Wide Range of Solutions for Various Price Points

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    Employee Badges

    We can make employee identification a process that is easy, economical and fast. You can invest in a stand-alone system or something that is part of an integrated access control system. Our badging equipment takes advantage of Microsoft WindowsTM based software, so you can easily import company logos and graphics to make customized badges using a variety of fonts and colors. The badge is easily created using a color video camera to capture and store database images. When an employee presents the badge, the operator can get instant retrieval of a video image and related data. You can also print bar codes directly on the badge to integrate the badge with access control, time and attendance and other systems. Now completely customized badges are produced at a fraction of the cost of custom printing and can be output immediately from any graphic printer.

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    Security / Fire Systems
    When it comes to running your company, a security system is something you don't like to think about. You don't want to imagine that everything you've worked for will be a target for crime or fire, but statistics show that it's happening in the smallest stores and to the largest corporations.


    GLESSNER can design a security system customized for your needs. Whether you want to use wireless or wired products, we can create a system that is easy to expand or upgrade.
    There are many features to consider. For example, if you own a pharmacy and want to limit access to the supply room, you can use our partitioning capabilities that would protect the supply room at all times without affecting other areas. It's like a system in a system without the additional cost of a separate set-up.
    Another way to keep track of the events in your location is with Opening/Closing Reports. When the system is monitored our a central station, this is a very important service they can provide. The opening report lets you know who disarms the system in the morning and at what time. At night, the closing report tells you who arms the system and at what time. Depending on the option you select, opening/closing reports can be supplied to you monthly or weekly.
    If you allow others to open and close your store, a valuable option may be the Opening/Closing exception report. This allows you to designate the time period that your store can be opened and closed. For example, if your business hours are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., you may want your store to only be opened from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. If the store is opened earlier than that, the central station would be notified. Depending on your arrangement with the central station, they could call you to alert you that someone has opened your store earlier than you've requested.

  • Opening/Closing Reports
  • Customized Interior and Perimeter Protection
  • Advanced Installation and Operating Technologies
  • Identification of Exact Point of Alarm
  • Partitioning Capabilities
  • Reliable Wireless Products
  • Remote Service Capability
  • Easy to Expand or Upgrade

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    Netsuite Technology for Business
    To power our business, Glessner uses NetSuite ERP, Accounting and CRM technology. The focus is on customer service. NetSuite is the industry's first and only online business application that supports your entire company—from customer relationship management (CRM) to enterprise resource planning (ERP) to Web capabilities. NetSuite is the first and only web-based application to offer everything in a single, integrated and powerful solution. Additionally, NetSuite enables you to make better, faster decisions through real-time business intelligence.

    What this means is sales representatives can view the complete customer record, including support cases, billing issues and more. Warehouse managers can instantly view approved sales orders on their Dashboards, and accounting personnel are able to view support issues when calling customers to collect payments.

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