How to Record Messages & Change the Answer Mode Remotely:

1) Call your main line & when the main greeting answers enter **4 5 6 # (pound sign) to enter remote programming mode.

2) You’ll hear prompts that will allow you to change the answer mode (day, night, day2, night2, holiday or auto) and/or to re-record the holiday greeting and the main greeting (ID 1). Follow the prompts to perform the
Desired operation.

Note: To access these options for branch IDs 1–8, you must call in on the phone number of the tenant that uses those branches.

Prompts for remote settings:
1 Set answer mode
1 Day mode
2 Night mode
3 Holiday mode
4 Use day/night table* = Auto Mode
5 Day2 mode
6 Night2 mode
2 Record holiday main greeting
3 Record daytime main greeting
4 Record nighttime main greeting
5 Record day2 main greeting
6 Record night2 main greeting