How to Setup an Email Address for Mobile Messaging:

How to Setup an Email Address for Mobile Messaging

You have to program the email addresses via the telephone set programming options. Each user can program their own email address or the Admin can program them…

From any phone …

Press Your Program button then enter * (star) then enter the extension number then #(pound) then enter your admin password.

1. Enter 6 5 to reach the Mobile Messaging options.
2. Enter 2 to reach the Main E-Mail destination setting.
3. Enter a destination address to which the ESI system will send notification e-mails when using the setting you selected (Main E-Mail or Alternate E-Mail) in step 2. You may enter up to 64 characters for this destination address.

To enter each character, press the appropriate key on the ESI phone’s dial pad until the desired
character is displayed, and then press # to enter the character. Exceptions include:
• To enter the “@” character, press # #.
• To enter a dot (period), dash, or underscore, press 0 (zero) #.
• To back up to a previously entered character, use the left scroll key (􀀁).

4. To confirm the address, press # once more.
5. Select whether to include a .WAV attachment with each e-mail notification while in the setting you selected in step 2.
Press 1 to include an attachment.