Take Your Business to the Next Level

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) communications is surging in popularity. Today’s businesses are quickly migrating to next generation IP environments and embracing SIP trunking as the logical network communications protocol to effectively transmit voice and data traffic outside the enterprise. Momentum Telecom’s SIP trunks replace your traditional, fixed public switch telephone network lines, enabling your phone system to make and receive calls via the Internet for a significant savings as well as scaling to meet your needs, automatically. But, it’s so much more. With SIP trunking, you gain efficiencies from transmitting voice over the same bandwidth, and perhaps most importantly, you open the door to the latest solutions such as mobility, instant messaging and video.

SIP Trunking also offers a significant cost savings versus any other type of carrier based phone service, sometimes more than 60%

Glessner Technologie’s SIP Trunking can help you extend the life and utility of your telephone system by facilitating the connection of remote offices to your PBX, creating virtual call centers, setting up disaster recovery and unleashing the latest collaborative capabilities that are essential to staying competitive in today’s challenging business environment.